Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Two - Complete!

Oh my! It's been quite a journey and we're only two days into it. Where to begin.......

If you haven't read Monty's blog, I would highly recommend you check it out - I'm sure we'll each have different perspectives and stories to tell. Let's see.......

It all started innocently enough back in Del Mar, California on Monday morning. From there we pedaled and pedaled and pedaled some more. About 10 hours of pedaling to be exact. It was a long, hard day. We went from sea level to approximately 4300 feet but not before we ran into quite a few cool things along the way. What a trip.

I found 4 snakes - all dead unfortunately, but 2 of the 4 were Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes (Crotalus helleri) - a species I've never seen in person before. I took a picture (it's a little gross though). I also found a nice looking garter and what I think was a juvenile pine snake.

Those were the reptile finds of the day - add to that a couple of fox, camels, wild turkeys and even deer and you've got quite the menagerie of critters.

The day ended in Julian, CA and we were all happy to arrive safely. Becca Matlock and Susan Gibson have gone above and beyond to make sure we're cared for along the way and they have been fantastic. We are very grateful for their sacrifice. Who wants to follow three sweaty guys for 80 miles a day? We're gross....

The scenery has been beautiful and the people we've met along the way have been great. We met a woman and her friend at Subway who took our names and said she and her ladies Bible study would pray for us - how cool is that! We've met a few bikers also (they thought we were crazy too).

After a restful sleep in Julian we coasted 15-20 miles down from 4300 to -113 ft above sea level and then we pedaled another 50 miles or so (for a total of 73) and found ourselves just south of the Sultan Sea in Brawley, CA. It's a good place to be!

We've had the pleasure of spending time with Pastor Tucker and his wife Joy and it's been fantastic! They are passionate about Haiti and we spent the night trading Haiti memories and learning about the many different ministries serving the island. We were also able to spend time with Ryan and Nicki who are involved in serving Haiti and have done some great things. What a great way to spend an evening. The food was awesome, the fellowship was fantastic and the stories were inspiring. Good people!

Tomorrow starts day 3 - We'll cross into Arizona and spend the evening in Yuma. I imagine it'll be hot, I'll even guess that it's gonna be windy - but that's all ok. 75 miles from now - we'll be ready to go again.

Don't forget why we ride. The children in Concrab win in the end. We're close to sponsoring our first 10 kids - consider helping us hit that milestone. Every dollar counts toward the ultimate goal of $36k. Give if you can, spread the word if you can - definitely say a prayer or two but most importantly, pray for Haiti.

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement on Facebook and Twitter - keep it coming! We love to hear from you.

Also, my laptop is in the shop getting a new screen (thank you friends in Store Ops!) and I'll have it back this weekend. In the meantime I can't update the website so be sure to be checking Monty's blog, this blog, FB and Twitter for on-going updates.

Monty on Twitter: phxokie
Dave on FB and Twitter: pedal for haiti

See you down the road!

James 2:26

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