Thursday, October 7, 2010


Since leaving the Duncans in Willcox we've been battling monster grasshoppers along the shoulder. We're talking big and abundant! These are not your typical grasshoppers my friends.

It seems the further we got into New Mexico, the more abundant these guys became. After a while it was practically impossible not too smoosh them as your pedaling along. At one point I had a flat tire and while I was repairing it a grasshopper jumped right up on the sprocket - no fear! It was crazy. Here's one sitting on my bike seat.....just staring at me! There must have been thousands of them - no kidding! Check out Monty's blog too - he has more pics and some funny comments.

The ride from Willcox to Lordsburg was pretty quiet although the wind still seems to want to go East to West......I wish it would decide to go West to East for once. It's like your working 4x as hard to move forward...sheesh. Nonetheless it's still a lot of fun and I haven't lost site of the goal. We went through a time zone change when we entered New Mexico so we had to start an hour later this morning - which meant we were able to sleep in an extra hour (which was nice). As we set out for Deming the wind greeted us almost immediately. I became a little frustrated but shook it off and kept pedaling. By the mid-point it had calmed down quite a bit and we were able to maintain 17-18mph for some distance. Today was some of the best cruising we've had since last week's rides. I'm hoping tomorrow is the same!

Once we arrived in Deming we checked in and headed out for some supplies. Nothing much just odds and ends. After that we headed back to the hotel and I was able to get some PetSmart work done for the first time in a few days. Thank goodness! I was getting frustrated because my email server was full and all I could do was receive messages but not send them. Speaking of work, I am so very grateful for Mary and Karen who managing Pet Care while I'm away (they do it while I'm there too). Mary and Karen are fantastic and I appreciate them very much. Nothing beats having a passionate team to work with.

The picture at the top of this post is me at the Continental Divide. The Continental Divide here for the Wikipedia link...they say it much better than I do. For me, it was one of the things I was looking forward to achieving. Glad I made it. Monty and Don made it too!

We also took a few minutes to visit a piece of property my parents own here in Deming. They've never seen it so I was able to stop and take some pictures. It was pretty cool. Very peaceful and some pretty views of the mountains. I never thought I'd see it before them....who'd a thunk?
New Mexico is going along quite well and it's a beautiful state. The people have been very nice as well. Tomorrow we'll be staying at another home which is always cool. Monty's made all the arrangements so each stop is a new introduction for me and Don (sometimes Monty too).

Tonight we went back to Wal-Mart to get a few additional things. I know, why Wal-Mart, right? I'm not a fan either but I haven't seen a Target since I left Phoenix. Anyway, it appears I either have allergies or a cold so I picked up some tissues and DayQuil as well as a few cards because the Kless family has some special occasions coming up. Not being home for them is going to be tough. I am grateful for a family that makes sacrifices with me. I love you so much Christy, Jacob, Matthew and Aaron. Monty and I got our own plastic cups for Diet Pepsi too - this way we can buy a two liter and split it. They were 2/.50 - what a bargain. Unfortunately, they are the same color so I wrapped electrical tape around mine.

For dinner we went to a place on Main St. called Si Senor - it was pretty good and very inexpensive. Monty, Don and I all ate well for $18 - that's another bargain! If there was a John Denver song for bargains I woulda been singing it.

Tomorrow morning comes early so I should call it an evening. I want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers - it means the world to us. We leave for Las Cruces in the morning - short ride - only 60 miles. Praying for a West to East wind pattern!

See you down the road!


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