Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Read

One month and 23 days are what stands between now and our trip to Haiti. We're also continuing to raise funds so to be more clear - one month, 23 days and a fairly large sum of support are what stands between us and the trip. Not to be deterred, we'll push on and I know that whatever God has planned, He will finish.

I'm enthusiastic as our first team get together is this coming Wednesday and it will be a great opportunity to discuss the current fund raising plans as well as any ideas the team may have. I've been sending weekly update emails, but it will be nice to get everyone together in person and share some fellowship and prayer.

The whole family went to the library on Saturday. This is a frequent occurence for my wife and the boys, however I usually don't have the option of going with them because I'm at work. This time I wanted to go because I have two classes starting tomorrow (Monday) and I thought that I might be able to locate some of the textbooks as opposed to purchasing them. I was mistaken and couldn't find a single one. I know the library does not usually carry textbooks, however the books for these classes are more regular literature and not your standard college texts. Nonetheless, I found a couple of other good reads. I've actually finished one and I thought I would share a little bit about it. I had been considering reading it for quite a while so when I came across it in the biography section I figured I'd give it a shot. The other books I picked up are on my bookshelf to the right. Be sure to hit "next" to scroll through the entire shelf if your curious. Back to the book......

The author is Edwidge Danticat. You can click on her name for a link to her info page on Wikipedia. The name of the book is "Brother, I'm Dying" and in short it's the story of her life up through 2004/2005 with a focus on her father and uncle. It's the first book in my life that I've ever finished in two days. I found it to be very eye opening. Ms. Danticat, as you can read on the Wikipedia site, is a highly regarded author and this story, being her own is told with an element of transparancy that I could only wish to reflect in my own writing. It flows and feels very real. Her emotions are apparent and I feel as if I had a glimpse into Haitian history as well as this individual's personal experience. I would highly recommend the book to anyone. It's also a great eye opener for those of us who need a reminder of all that we have in America. Growing up in Haiti or just growing up loving someone in Haiti is not easy.

In closing, I apologize that my posts have been far apart. I'm going to be more active this week as I have many things on the horizon. For example - Monday (2nd Summer Session at school starts) , Tuesday (Missions Team Meeting), Wednesday (Haiti Team Meeting) and much more. I see myself having more to say this week and hopefully some good updates. Keep Haiti and it's beautiful people in your prayers. Merci.

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