Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Share the Well

Today I have a song on my mind. Thanks again to the Livesay's who are my blogging resource. I've learned more from reading their blog and playing with the cool widgets on their site than anywhere else. Recently, Tara posted a David Crowder song and I thought, you know, there's a couple of songs that mean something to me that I'd like to post.

Today, I thought I'd start with a great tune from Caedmon's Call. If you've not heard them or heard of them, check out their website by clicking here. They have a heart for missions, Mainly in India and this is what the song reflects. I thought, hmmm...with a couple of simple city name changes we can make this a Haiti song for acoustic worship under the mango tree. At the New Missions mission they have morning and evening devotions and worship under this really big mango tree. I'm not so sure what to do with the Je Ra Ji Ra portion though as I'm not 100% sure what it means in Hindi. Anyone out there know? Let me know - I'd sure appreciate it. If it's Jesus, we can work something in with Jezi which is Jesus in Haitian Creole.

Anyway, the lyrics to this song are really great and appeal to ways we can serve or support. It's got a great sound with a cool rhythm. Hope you like it as much I do.

Share the Well - Caedmon's Call

Je Ra Ji Ra, Ji Ra, De Ji Ra, De Ji Ji Ji
Share the well, share with your brother
Share the well my friend
It takes a deeper well to love one another
Share the well my friend
Je Ra Ji Ra, Ji Ra, De Ji Ra, De Ji Ji Ji
Verse 1
Do you think the water knows
Flowing down the mountain thaw
Finally to find repose
For any soul who cares to draw
Some kindred keepers of this Earth
On their way to join the flow
Are cast aside and left to thirst
Tell me now it is not so
All God's creatures share the water hole
The blessed day the monsoon comes
And in His image we are woven
Every likeness every one
From Kashmir (Jacmel) to Karala (Leogane)
Under every banyan (mango) tree
Mothers for their children cry
With empty jar and bended knee
Je Ra Ji Ra, Ji Ra, De Ji Ra, De Ji Ji Ji
You know I've heard good people say
There's nothing I can do
That's half a world away
Well maybe you've got money
Maybe you've got time
Maybe you've got the Living Well
That ain't ever running dry
Chorus x2
Je Ra Ji Ra, Ji Ra, De Ji Ra, De Ji Ji Ji

from the album Share the Well

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