Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude or 5 Days to Go!

And we're done! It's been quite a run. In the last sixty days we've had a restaurant fundraiser (Thanks Rubio's) a Car Wash (Thanks Mountain Ridge Baptist Church and Chick Fil A) and a fantastic fundraising dinner called "A Taste of Haiti" (Thanks Mountain Ridge, Chick Fil A, Mountain Ridge Youth and many more).

We are now 5 days out. All that stands between us are a Tropical Storm named Hannah, a Hurricane named Gustav and what the weather service calls a "potential disturbance" of high intensity which could be Ike. It's in God's hands though. Nothing is greater than God and His plans will prevail and we will accept whatever it is He lays before us.

I title this post "An Attitude of Gratitude" because that's exactly what I have right now. I wish I could share the excitement of Friday night's event with you. Like many other awesome events in our lives it went all too fast and appears as a blur in my memory. Nonetheless, I do know this. We were able to raise a good portion of money for Haiti. We were able to share the needs of the Haitian people with at least 140 people and best of all we saw people coming together as the hands and feet of Christ right there at the dinner. No - we weren't directly serving the poor and no we didn't run out and clothe the needy that evening but what we saw were people using their finances and giving up their evening to support the team, to fight against poverty and to learn more about what's happening in other parts of the world where there is need. I saw the Mountain Ridge Youth coming together to serve and many adults too. I saw people sacrificing items for the silent auction and I say people bidding and buying to raise funds. I heard from people who were touched by the videos we presented and I heard from others who said "Send Me! - I want to go!" How great is that!?

More to come - Pray for those in the path of Gustav and pray for our team as we make final preparations for the big trip! Be back soon. Thanks for all your patience with my intermittent blogging.

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