Saturday, September 6, 2008


Good Morning! It's 4:39 Eastern Time and we're getting ready to leave for PAP in just a few hours. I wanted to get on one more time and say thanks to everyone for their support and prayers. The team is excited, our travel day was relatively uneventful (the airline lost four bags but we got em' all back the very same day) and we're ready to go!

I'll be back next Saturday and will attempt to blog the trip journal. While we're gone, please pray we're able to impact people, we're safe and that we grow closer to God as we serve. Your prayers matter. Also, pray Ike goes away and that nothing else forms in the coming week. Haiti doesn't need any more water. We hear it's soggy enough. As Pastor Tim at New Missions says "The storms are a challenge to an already difficult situation for the poorest of the poor".

With love, thanks and tremendous excitement (in doing God's work) - Dave

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