Thursday, September 18, 2008

Serpent and the Rainbow

I know, I know......I'll be getting to the mission trip story shortly. I just keep coming up with little items I want to post.

Wade Davis wrote the Serpent and the Rainbow back in 1985 and it tells quite a story. Unfortunately, Hollywood got a hold of it a few years later and ruined it. Nonetheless, the book is excellent. I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes regarding Haiti. Having just returned, it sums up (and confirms) some of the emotion I feel.

"The nation baffled me. Stunned by her multitudes
awed by her mysteries, dumb founded by
her contradictions..........I paced."
- Wade Davis, The Serpent and the Rainbow
I love and miss Haiti already. Please pray for Haiti. - Dave

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Anonymous said...

I miss Haiti too.