Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Here

Hello Everyone,

I'm still here. I may have left the blogosphere but my heart never left Haiti. My reason for hopping on and posting at this time is to share information on where you can most effectively give during Haiti's time of need. Remember to continue to give after the news stories and internet coverage die down. Haiti needs us for the long run.

The organizations I would recommend would be:

New Missions

World Wide Village

Haiti Rescue Center

Thanks for caring, for praying and for giving. It is my prayer that Haiti's future be brighter than it's past.

Coming Soon:

Haiti 2010: A Night for Haiti - Dinner and Learning Event - Phoenix, AZ
Fall 2010: Bike Across America for Haiti - It's on!!

Thanks for reading,



seth said...


Get in touch with our Haiti relief team thru
or contact Teri Gunnink

we'll help you if we can. they're in PaP now.

Dave said...

Hi Seth,

I'm familiar with your site and would love to partner with you in any way I can. We are planning a trip in October 2010 and my buddy and I will be bicycling across the US this year to raise funds and awareness.

I am interested in your team's current involvement in Haiti - if you have the time, I'd love to learn more about getting in on one of those trips. (

On another note, as you can see by my blog, I loved your quote and used it on the header. I hope that's ok. It's a thrill to know people are out there reading and learning about this place and it's people that we all love so much.

Thanks Seth - Dave