Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Everyone!

As you can see the I've changed the name to "Pedal for Haiti" as this best fits our next big adventure. In September (3 months from this coming Sunday), Monty Patton and I will be heading out from San Diego, CA to pedal across the United States in an effort to raise money to rebuild schools and churches on the Leogane Plain.

We need you to "come along for the ride". This means you can do one or many of the following:

1. Ride with us! Side by side on our route across America. You pick the distance. We'd love to have you!
2. Meet us at one of our 39+ destination cities along the way! We'd love to meet you and we need all the encouragement we can get!
3. Donate to the cause. Be part of making Haiti a better place. We can't make all of it better, but we can make it better one person, one school, one church at a time!
4. Much more!!!

I'll have much more over the coming weeks as we ramp up training and fundraising.Our partner on the ride will be New Missions ( and outside of minor ride expenses all funds raised will go to New Missions - serving in Haiti for 27 years!

Talk to you all soon!


P.S. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at pedalforhaiti!

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